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An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a made-to-measure plan designed for company owners and self-employed individuals whose average annual income is generally over $100,000.

Paid by the Company or Employer

An IPP is often set up when a company has generated significant earnings and wants to avoid paying too much tax.  Employers can choose to pay contributions into their IPP, which will be an expense for the company—reducing its earnings and therefore its tax burden.

Services provided with the IPP

Fees charged for the IPP are entirely tax-deductible and our IPP services are provided by our qualified advisors, including:

  • Preparation, implementation and registration of your plan with the Canada Revenue Agency and provincial authorities, where applicable;
  • Actuarial valuations, ongoing legislative compliance and calculation of annual pension adjustments;
  • Plan administration and reporting;
  • Daily reporting on your investment fund returns.


Allows more money to be saved for retirement than an RRSP.
Increases your retirement pension by using best years of past service in pension calculation.
Customized benefit indexation can mean early retirement without reduction.
Your assets in the IPP grow tax-free until retirement—and possibly continue tax-free growth after retirement if your pension benefits are drawn directly from the IPP.
Assets in an IPP are exempt from seizure by creditors and contributions to social programs such as EI and CPP do not apply to money invested in your IPP.


Learn more about IPP options from our Frequently Asked Questions, then use the contact form below for quote rates.

Individual Pension Plan

Individual Pension Plan Frequently Asked Questions

An IPP is set up for one person only and funded by the company (tax-deductible). It is a defined-benefit plan that provides retirement income generally equivalent to 2% of the average of the three highest annual salaries earned for each year of service credited and it enables savings to grow tax-free.

If you are age 45 or over, own a company and your annual salary is over $100,000, an Individual Pension Plan can help you optimize your retirement income. If not, an RRSP is generally a better choice for you.

The plan is funded by the company and allows more money to be saved for retirement than an RRSP.  There are significant tax savings for the company too, because the plan contributions reduce taxable earnings.

The plan recognizes years of past service, increasing your retirement pension. Customization is possible: indexation of benefits, early retirement without reduction and bridge benefit. It’s also possible for assets to continue tax-free growth after retirement if your pension benefits are drawn directly from the IPP.

Individual Pension Plan Request for Information

Use the form below to contact us to get more information about an IPP or give us a call to receive expert advise on an IPP.