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Insurance and Financial Service
British Columbia and Alberta

Our goal has always been to deliver high-quality Insurance and Financial Services to our clients.

Insurance and Financial Service Products We offer:

Group Benefits.  Employer-sponsored benefit and savings plans.
Group Retirement Plans.  Retirement planning strategies for business.
Life and Disability and Critical Illness Insurance.
Life Annuity Plans.  Carefully selected policies to mitigate risk.

We have lots of real-life experience and work hard to help you make the best life decisions.  It sounds simple, but we focus closely on our client’s objectives.  If you don’t know what you want or need, we can provide some ideas .

At Barnett & Associates, we are nimble and agile because we do not have a slow-moving corporate culture.  We offer innovative, forward-thinking programs for individuals and organizations, and we’ve developed a reputation for quality and professionalism.  We’re proud of that record!

Trusted by Canadians since 1993.  Talk to us today at 604-936-4325.

Group Benefits Insurance

Employer-sponsored Insurance benefit and savings plans. Develop an effective, competitive employee benefits program to attract and retain employees.

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Mergers & Plan Renovations

Compensation changes are sensitive matters and most times discretion is required in order to get to the decision. If you want options to consider then you should talk to us.

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Group Retirement

Retirement planning strategies for business. Help your employees save for their future financial security.

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Life Insurance

For family protection, business continuity, key person, estate preservation or investment solutions.

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Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

This product can make the difference between a good quality of life and a marginal existence that erodes the fruits of your life’s work.

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Life Annuities

Guaranteed income for life.  You can not outlive the income. See if an annuity can fit with your retirement plans.

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Travel Insurance

Enjoy a worry free vacation or business trip. Make sure unexpected medical expenses are covered when travelling.

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Specialty Products

Get protection for a particular or unusual need. We can find you the coverage you need.

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