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We started in 1993 and our goal has been to deliver high-quality products and services:


We have lots of real life experience and we work very hard.  It sounds simple, but we keep a close focus on our clients’ objectives.  If you don’t really know what you want or need, we can provide some ideas.

At Barnett & Associates, we are nimble and agile, because we’re not a slow-moving corporate culture.  We offer imaginative forward thinking for individuals and organizations and we’ve developed a reputation for quality and professionalism.  We’re very proud of that record!


We offer our clients top notch insurance products and we treat people like we would want to be treated.  It is that simple.

Work hard, answer your questions and consider your wants and needs. Listen to your objectives, and then provide some ideas.

Help with your needs along the way and amend things as needed.

Use our experience to try to steer you away from major land mines that might await, or at least inform you prior so you can make your own decision.

Life evolves but the simple principle of treating you like we would want to be treated if we were the customer stays the same.

Barnett & Associates Financial Services