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Employee Group Insurance Benefits Packages in Canada

Your Employee Group Insurance Benefits are a vital aspect of attracting and retaining qualified staff and staff value the benefits very highly. Most employees could not afford those benefits without employer sponsorship.

Your company can help provide benefits for your employees.

Top Employee Benefits Packages

You’ll need some expert advice to develop an effective, competitive employee benefits program and that’s where we can help.  Barnett & Associates is a leading advisor and designer of benefit plans for our corporate clients and their employees.

The Best Group Benefits Packages work toward the following goals:

  • Reflect your objectives.
  • Medical and Dental Plans for employees.
  • Retirement plans
  • Long and Short Term Disability
  • Feature effective design and underwriting techniques.
  • Take advantage of the latest advances in technology.
  • Remain cost-effective today and for the future.

We work with top insurance carriers across Canada to provide you with the best options that are right for you.

Employee Benefits Policy

We also help to integrate the program into your company. This includes:

  • helping to communicate benefits and procedures to employees and administrators;
  • providing assistance with specific claim issues;
  • keeping you up-to-date with developments and advances in employee benefits;
  • setting up a new plan;
  • administration and maintenance of a current plan;
  • renovating a existing program.

We would like to hear from you.  Please give us a call to discuss your wants and needs.

Extended Health Care: Questions and Best Answers

Extended health care can be grouped as whatever the government health plans do not cover might be covered in the group health plans subject to the coverage decisions.
Typically items like prescription drugs, chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists and more paramedical providers, Vision care, out of country emergency insurance and a variety of covered items are included in extended health care.

There are multiple plan types in group health, insured experience rated, insured pooled and self insured. All plan types can be good it just depends on your situation.

The insurer or service provider pays the claims.

Claims are progressing faster and faster. From pay direct drug cards with instant payment at point of sale, to online and mobile app claims submission and direct service provider submission the pace of claim reimbursement is increasing all the time. The percentage paid on a claim is typically a choice made in plan design by the plan sponsor.

A health spending account is set amount of money which can be used to pay for CRA eligible medical expenses.

Extended health benefits are an non taxable benefit and due to this tax treatment the market has developed arounds employers providing coverage to its employees. The plans available in the market are generally available to employers at lower prices and better terms then what an employee could buy themselves.

How Extended Health Benefits Retain Loyal Employees

Extended Health Benefits are a huge part of total compensation.   The Large Fortune 500 Companies know this.   To reduce costs and keep benefits packages competitive, employers can offer a variety of plans.

To win the war for talented and loyal employees you want an experienced benefit consultant working for you. Give us a call 604-936-4325 to discuss your needs.