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Changing from Group Health Coverage.  Conversion Products that are available when leaving a group benefits plan:

Green Shield Canada is a solutions-oriented, not-for-profit corporation specializing in health and dental benefit programs.  We take a closer look at our clients’ needs to develop effective solutions with concrete savings and added value. As the work world changes and our clients’ requirements evolve, so do our products.

Health Assist ZONE offers ‘coverage for life’ – whether you are self-employed, a small business owner (for you and your employees), or work on either a contract, part-time, seasonal or temporary basis. Health Assist ZONE offers seven bundled plans with varying levels of health, dental, drug and travel coverage at competitive prices – plus a few added perks.

Health Assist LINK offers guaranteed coverage to individuals who are switching from a group benefits plan – no health questionnaire is required if you apply within 90 days of leaving your group plan. Whether you are between jobs or transitioning to retirement, LINK provides varying levels of health, drug, dental and travel coverage at competitive prices – plus a few added perks.

Green Shield Canada

Pacific Blue Cross is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in health care. They are an industry leader recommending and providing cost-effective products and services to their members based on their needs.

Group Conversion – If the health and dental insurance coverage provided by your employer is about to end or has recently ended, Pacific Blue Cross has designed a plan that offers you the opportunity to continue to receive the security you’re used to. Group Conversion lets you continue health and dental coverage without interruption so you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected from the financial hardship of unexpected health costs. Click here to view their group conversion brochure.

Guaranteed Acceptance – This plan is a basic supplemental health and dental plan that includes coverage for prescription drugs, registered therapists, dental care, out-of-province emergency medical protection, local ambulance, hospital accommodations and more. Click here to view their guaranteed acceptance brochure.

Retirement – Design your healthy retirement plan in 3 easy steps. Your plan will include health and prescriptions coverage with optional add-on coverage for dental. Click here to view their retirement brochure.