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Group Benefit Plan Locations

We offer Group Benefit Plan Locations in Greater Vancouver and the surrounding lower mainland. We make it easy by coming to your business location.

Group benefits for your employees are a way of attracting qualified employees who value these benefits.   Most individuals cannot afford those benefits without having an employer sponsorship.  Contact us for more information.  See more about our Group Benefits Plans

Reasons for offering Group Benefit Plan Locations:

  • To Serve you better in every Lower Mainland Location.
  • Show you how to Attract new talent to your business.
  • How to Compensate that talent
  • Affordable, comprehensive and easy-to-use group benefits plan.
  • Cost-effective and tax-efficient plans based on your specific business and your plan members’ requirements.
  • Stay Competitive as an employer of choice by choosing an Employee group benefits plan.
  • Help your employees manage their health and wellness.
  • Manage costs associated with your group benefits plan such as disability and absence management programs.
  • Provide access to Employees and their Family Assistance services for your plan members so they can better handle stress and other health issues.

Call the experts at Barnett & Associates to learn more about how a quality Employee Benefits Plan can not only attract top talent but also increase productivity in your business.  Group Benefits Plans Locations we will come to you.